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Eahora Juliet e-bike

Eahora Juliet e-bike

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Meet Eahora Juliet e-bike, designed for riders who want reliable and long last cycling. The best 48v ebike battery made by EV-class safety standards with 60Ah capacity. Ride for longer distances now, no more worrying about running out of power. Featuring a step-thru design frame crafted from high-quality steel, providing exceptional strength and durability.

1000W DC hub motor, cassette; rated torque: 90N.M.

Class 3 e-bike with throttle and pedal assist functions.

Range per Charge 78 - 84 miles on throttle mode. 110 - 120 miles on pas mode.

Battery 48V 60AH (2.88KWH) lithium battery.

54.6V ~ 8A smart charger; input 100-240V 50/60HZ. Charging hour: 6-8 Hours.

4" portrait color display(YL-81F), IP65 Waterproof; brightness: 100CD/M2

Front light 48V 8W LED light; rear integrated brake lights, turn-signal lights.

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