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Safe All Day Anti Radiation Bluetooth Headphone by VistaShops

Safe All Day Anti Radiation Bluetooth Headphone by VistaShops

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Safe All Day headphones is a must for all using headphones as we all know Bluetooth and Mobile phone Emit low radiation and excessive use of both can be harmful when it is near your head and brain.   These Anti Radiation headphones help eliminate that radiation, even when long hours of continuous use, happens every day.  The special stereo speakers send soundwaves thru a hollow tube which is inserted in your ear and no electronics with power or Bluetooth waves is near your head or brain. 

The headphone has a base ring that sits on your neck far from your brain and that is connected to your phone or any Bluetooth device, not your headphones themselves.  A perfectly healthy way to use technology which we need to function in our daily lives. 

No compromise on sound quality and loss in volume they work just like any other headphones except they are safe and anti-radiation ready.  No more migraines or headaches due to all-day use of headphones.


    • Anti Radiation Stereo Headphones 
    • Bluetooth connectivity with APTX built-in sound processing.
    • All-day comfort to wear and a single charge lasts for 5 hours of continuous use.
    • Water and sweat Resistant
    • Comes in multiple colors.
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