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FLYER folding cargo electric bike

FLYER folding cargo electric bike

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Designed for portability & compact storage, the FLYER folding cargo electric bike is the ultimate foldable electric bike for all of your adventures. Featuring an easy-to-fold bike frame, this compact eBike delivers a convenient transportation solution for you and your crew to bring along wherever you go. For riders 16 years of age and older.

Thanks to our custom-designed folding mechanism, the aluminum bike frame folds easily – no tools necessary.

Haul it in the car trunk. Bring it on the train or bus. Go up & down the stairs. Tuck it away in the closet. This folding eBike is specifically designed for portability & storage.

Control your ride with the custom LED display, featuring a speedometer as well as a USB port for charging devices. Above the display dash, riders can also easily access their bell, integrated for safe riding.

The integrated 350W brushless rear hub motor ensures high performance, efficiency, and a smooth ride on daily rides and over moderate hills.

Enjoy an impressively efficient ride with our Flight Speed™ 48V, 10Ah UL 2271 tested rechargeable battery pack.

The FLYER folding cargo electric bike features our lightest weight frame for easy maneuvering. The frame design also ensures a comfortable, upright riding position and simple on & off for riders.

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