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Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Long Sleeve Shirt - Odor & Itch Free

Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Long Sleeve Shirt - Odor & Itch Free

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Fulfilled by our friends at 221B Tactical

The Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Shirt - Now available in Long Sleeves!

You're going to be amazed how great you'll feel while wearing this. Guaranteed!

  • Perfect for chilly mornings and hot afternoons 
  • Ideal for covering arm tattoos on duty if that's required.
  • Light weight and form fitting
  • Highly breathable and Quick drying
  • Intentionally made longer so that you do not have to tuck it back in constantly.


Feeling overheated, sweaty AND stinky absolutely sucks!  Even worse is when you have sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash and becomes infected.  What if there was a shirt that took care of these concerns all at once? The Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Shirt is infused with Silver (Ag+) that keeps you drier, cooler, and neutralizes infectious bacteria which mitigates embarrassing body odor. 

Did you know that Silver has been used for years by NASA, Olympic athletes, and U.S. Special Forces to ensure lasting freshness even in the most harsh environments? 221B Tactical is the first to introduce this little-known secret to those in law enforcement and anyone who wears body armor.


The Silver (Ag+) in The Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Shirt has been clinically proven to prevent growth of dangerous bacteria borne from trapped perspiration. This bacteria is the root cause of stinky and embarrassing body odor, as well as painful and potentially deadly rashes and infections. The Infinity-Stretch Maxx-Dri material with flat-sewn seams and tag-less labeling completes this incredibly comfortable and functional shirt.

Try wearing it during your daily gym workout and hang it up to air-out. You'll be amazed how it will still smell fresh!  You'll be tempted to wear it again even without having to launder it. (That's up to you, of course). AWESOME to use when traveling too by having to pack less shirts!


  • Silver (Ag+) infused: Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Odor
  • Infinity (multi-directional) Stretch
  • Hybrid Fit: Not Compression, Not Loose
  • Flat Stitched Seams
  • UV Protection against UV-A and UV-B rays
  • 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
  • Moisture Control Wicking Technology
  • Breathable
  • Tagless

How Silver Elite (Ag+) works

  • Anti-Microbial : kills 99.9% of germs
  • Anti-Odor : 99.9% deodorization






  • UV Protection: Blocks 99.9% of UV-A and UV-B rays
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