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Solo Aqua Tunes A Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone by VistaShops

Solo Aqua Tunes A Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone by VistaShops

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Fulfilled by our friends at VistaShops

Solo Aqua Tunes...

A Bluetooth Waterproof Headphone just made for you. Wear them while swimming or taking a shower or doing any outdoor activity. The rugged Bluetooth waterproof earphone is a well made high-quality product. It has an extra layer of silicone waterproof case that will float your earphone in water if dropped. 

Instant connection to your phone or any device with Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy distortion and error-free music for 4 to 6 hours non stop and recharge again in just 1-2 hrs to get ready to use again. This mini marvel is a technology break-through with all sealed components and ear tight plug that will comfortably fit your ears and won't make it go red.

The built-in mic will allow you to answer phones and even do voice command to your device if setup correctly. It comes with a keychain to go on your existing keychain, purse or a bag.


  • Fully compatible with iPhone, Apple and Android devices.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 enabled.
  • EDR automatic error correction for connected sound.
  • Less than 5 grams of weight.
  • Waterproof IPX 68 up to 6 ft of under water w/ silicone cover.
  • Water-resistant with IPX65 without the silicone cover in use.
  • Standby time  72 hours.
  • This is a single earbud headphone.
  • Perfectly safer than other headphone giving you one ear open for other sounds.


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